SIDS and Sleep-Related Infant Deaths

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is the sudden death of an infant less than one-year-old that cannot be explained after a full investigation. SIDS cannot always be avoided, but there are ways to lower the chances of SIDS by following Safe Sleep practices.

In order to reduce the risk of any infant dying due to unsafe sleep, the ABCs of Safe Sleep should be practiced every time a baby sleeps. A, B, C, and D stand for the following:

  1. A is for Alone  |  Share the room, not the bed.
  2. B is for Back  |  On my back for night and naps.
  3. C is for Crib  |  In a Clean, Clear, Crib.
  4. D is for Drug-Free  |  Be aware, not impaired. Drinking and drug use can impair your ability to care for a baby, making bed-sharing and other unsafe sleep even more dangerous for the baby.

The Safe Sleep Maine Campaign

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has launched a statewide Safe Sleep Campaign. The campaign will help raise awareness of the importance of Safe Sleep for babies and lower the number of SIDS-related deaths in Maine.

The purpose of the Safe Sleep Maine campaign is to prevent infant deaths by educating the public in ABCD, the four letters associated with the best practices to make sure infants sleep safely. The campaign aims to help inform new and experienced parents, grandparents, and caregivers on the importance of Safe Sleep for babies.

The campaign also hopes to promote Safe Sleep through medical experts and professionals within the healthcare community so they and parents alike become familiar with, practice, and actively promote these simple steps to save babies lives. 

All materials were provided in collaboration with the Kentucky Department of Public Health.